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Customer Testimonials

I’m absolutely in love with our little boy, however he’s not so small anymore. He and our older dog, McDuffy, get along very well. We will be taking Tudor to puppy classes shortly, but has had training at home.

-Helen. Los Angeles, CA 90007

This is Lulu. I adopted from you. I want to thank you for the care and love you gave us. She reflects your dedication. She is very alert, very attentive, looks straight at your eyes making an intimate connection. She has no fear, yet she is very respectful and affectionate. thank you for that dedication.

- Laura K. Chicago, IL 60607

A big thank you for breeding such wonderful puppy! We have had our baby Murphy for a week now and I can’t tell you enough how much we love him! He learned to sit on command by the 2nd day, and is so eager to learn and please. Our Vet could not believe how mellow he is for such a young puppy. We spent the weekend with our 2 year old nephew and Murphy seemed to know he was a baby, and never jumped up on him! Again, I highly recommend anyone looking for a “Yorkshire Terrier”, look no further.

- Danielle D. Lewisville, TX 75067

Hi! Just wanted to drop you an email about our Yorkshire Terrier we bought 2 weeks ago. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Gus is doing great! He is really adjusting well to his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is becoming King, even over our Boxer-Lab mix. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Thank you again for a wonderful puppy! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!

- Sheila F. Ocean Springs, MS 39564

 I changed her name to Bella Mimi Koon.The name really fits her personality as she is the bell of the ball everywhere we travel. We've been on the train and bus and people take pics with their cell phones, one woman chased me in the grocery store just to pet her :) Thank you so much

- Louise. Seattle, WA 98109

Thank you very much for this great companion. She's the sweetest and most loving little puppy ever and I love her so much. They couldn’t have more different personalities and I wouldn’t have them any other way! I am grateful that I found you as our breeder.

- Lina. Raleigh, NC 27607